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I believe that the internet and Information Communications Technology will free teachers and learners in ways we have yet to discover. Welcome to a world where all knowledge is free and accessible and the only boundry is the collective imagination of your peers and your students. Joe's Diner is open twenty- four -seven and the menu keeps on changing. This page will forever be under construction. It is deliberately not a fancy exercise in web design. The Internet is all about sharing and mutual support.

Thanks to everyone who has helped and to all those who are always prepared to share. The sharing of ideas and resources is really what drives the internet and not technology. And to those who can't or won't .. you don't know what your missing.

At the Scottish Further Education Unit I used it as a resource to support workshops. I now use it as an exemplar and repository for useful things.

The on-line tools area has a list of useful resources for anyone planning to put a training course on-line. You should also consult www.scotfeict, sfeu , LTS and the JISC websites for up to the minute information on what is happening on-line in Scottish Further Education.

This site may not be updated as regularly as it has been in the past as in my new role at the Scottish Qualifications Authority my focus is on programme development and assessment

If you find that a link on this site no longer works or is out of date please E-mail me and I will fix it. I apologise in advance for any typos.


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